Train Dog Not To Jump

Train Dog Not To Jump

Why Does My Dog Jump on Visitors, and What Do I Do?

You have probably noticed how excited your dog becomes when he sees you after a long absence. Or even just an evening alone. While this excitement can be sweet and endearing, it can also cross the line and become disruptive and frustrating behavior. When your dog begins jumping on guests because he is so excited to see them. It can be irritating and even dangerous. Unfortunately, many dog owners unknowingly encourage their dog to jump on visitors. And do not know how to stop them. Your dog may be jumping on guests for several different reasons, but luckily with the right training you can eventually stop this behavior.

The Beginning

When your dog was a new puppy, you probably encouraged him to climb all over you and cuddle in your lap. Most dog owners reward this puppy behavior with lots of cuddles and petting. As he gets older and larger, he may not understand that humans do not want to be crawled over and jumped on. Your dog is probably jumping on your guests out of excitement. Most dogs are curious and love to meet new humans. So the arrival of guests in your home is probably a very exciting time for your dog. Your pup will quickly learn to associate knocks on the door, or the ring of the doorbell with the arrival of new people. And this alone is likely to get him worked up.

Obedience Training

One of the easiest ways to dissuade your dog from jumping on guests is basic obedience training. Training your pup at an early age will make him less likely to jump on your guests. And easier to stop if he does jump. If your dog knows a simple “sit” or “down” command, you will easily be able to stop him from jumping. Even if your dog has basic training, it is important that you do not reward his behavior. Ask your guests to ignore your dog if he jumps, this way he will not receive any attention or encouragement for his bad behavior. If your pup does not receive any pets or attention from jumping, he will eventually realize that this is not pleasing behavior, and will likely stop.


The sound of the doorbell may be what is initially getting your dog worked up. In order to end this, you need to desensitize him to the sound of the doorbell. For example, you can do this by ringing the doorbell over and over again. At least until your dog no longer shows signs of excitement when he hears that sound. To further discourage your pup from getting to riled up when guests arrive, try having a couple friends walk into the house one at a time. If your dog jumps on them, they should turn around and leave. This will show him that jumping and being too wild does not get him attention, and discourage him from doing it.

To Sum Up

Like all puppy training processes, consistency and positive reinforcement are key when you are trying to train dog not to jump on visitors. Be sure never to encourage jumping on guests, and always to reward for good behavior. Rewards such as treats, belly rubs, and playtime are very effective during puppy training. Rewards show your pup that you are pleased with his behavior. Dogs naturally try to please their owners, so if your pet is rewarded and encouraged for showing the right behavior he will be likely to continue this behavior. Always remember that training your dog with positive reinforcement and rewards will be a much more effective, happy, and trust building experience than using punishment or harsh training methods.

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