How To Improve Your Dogs Retention

How To Improve Your Dogs Retention

Owners know that training their dog can be a fun yet challenging experience. It is pretty tough for those who have not done it yet. The good news is, it only takes the right training principles for your dog to respond to simple obedience training. Here is a list of ways on how to improve your dog’s retention. Try some of these suggestions and see great results as you go further.

Follow These Steps To Get Your Dog’s Attention and Keep It


An One-on-One Training Is A Must

One of the important things to remember is to start training your dog all by yourself. The moment your dog has able to master the basics, it is only when you can teach other family members on how to train the dog so that there is somebody who can train it other than yourself.

Use Concrete Set Of Commands All The Time

Dogs have the tendency to be confused if the training is not properly done. When it comes to using specific words and phrases, use the same set all the time.

Your Dog Should Have A Fun Time

Depending on the breed type, dogs are playful. In this connection, you have to maintain a fun-filled training session with your dog. He will be more likely to be obedient during the whole training.

Training Should Be Short But Sweet

A repetitive training session is more effective when done for about 15 minutes at a time. In this connection, it is not good to force your dog to undergo a lengthy training session. It is best to break up an hour-long training into 10-minute sessions.

Dogs Love Rewards

One of the most effective ways on teaching new tricks to your dog is by giving him a reward. With this, your dog will learn that he can get a reward for every good deed done. It is advisable to use a variety of rewards, such as dog treats, toys, or playtime.

Take One Step At A Time

No matter how smart your dog is, it is necessary not to move quickly from one trick to another. It is important for the dog to get used to it first before moving to the next one.

It Helps To Be Consistent

In every training session, it is a must to be consistent in doing things so that your dog will be able to achieve a solid foundation.

From Simple To Complex

Your dog has the ability to learn new tricks, however, it must be fed based on their simplicity or complexity. You need to teach him simple tricks first and then followed by a sequence of more complex things.

Maintaining An Eye Contact With Your Dog Promotes Better Learning

Doing a frequent eye contact with your dog during the training sessions can help in building a connection between the two of you. Once you have built a rapport, it will be easier for you to instruct him to follow you.

A Final Thought

When done the right way, you and your dog will have a great time in your training sessions. If you remain consistent when it comes to your training methods, there are higher chances that your dog will retain the training. It is important to be persistent in training your dog in order to avoid frustration on your part.

Personal Experience

Tucker’s retention was great from the start. Retention was very important to me. We definitely stuck to basics and then moved on from there. Maybe being an Australian Shepherd helped or maybe I was just lucky.

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