How to stop your dog from chewing

How to stop your dog from chewing

Stop Dog from Chewing.

Chewing is of course a behavior that you want to banish. But first of all, you should be aware that it is completely normal and something that all dogs go through. While some dogs can give things a little nibble, other dogs are known to completely destroy their owners home/belongings. Stop your dog from chewing is all about following a strict routine. And some of the following points will definitely be able to help you out.

Dog Proof

It is vital that you go through your home and attempt to dog proof it because the less there is to chew, the better. This means getting rid of and moving things that your furry friend might like the look of. Shut and lock all doors on cabinets.etc. where possible – this is vital with products that can harm your dog like cleaning products and sharp objects. If you have something expensive lying around then put it away out of sight or it will get chewed!

Reason for Chewing

Try and discover the reason why your dog is chewing, perhaps it’s for attention. Or maybe he or she is teething. If your pooch is a puppy, then it’s likely that they are teething which is going to make them want to chew. Get them a few dog toys to munch on, or seek some advice from the vet regarding how to deal with teething. Be sure to heap praise on your dog when they choose to chew a toy rather than a random object. When your dog DOES chew an object, take it away without saying much and replace it with a toy.

Make sure that you walk your dog regularly. Exercise will get rid of any pent up energy that they have which could help to eliminate chewing. Going back to the attention thing that was touched on previously, ensure that you play with your dog and give them attention regularly. Mental stimulation is so important, even for canines and could help them learn how to behave appropriately.

Just a Phase

While your dog is going through this chewing phase, it is vital that you put them somewhere that they can’t get to anything when you have gone out. Confining them in a crate or safe room while you are away is a great prospect to consider.

Dog Walker

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to walk your dog as much as they need it, perhaps due to a busy work schedule, why not hire somebody to do it for you. Dog walkers are fairly cheap and can make the world of difference to your canines behavior.

Spray a sour apple spray on furniture or other objects and this is likely to deter your dog from chewing it.


It’s important to remember that the right kind of discipline and love can get your dog out of the bad behavior of chewing your belongings. While it is common, you do not want it to happen and you SHOULD not let it. Rewarding your dog for the right kind of habits and following the other tips mentioned is the best way to keep your dog in check.

Personal Experience

When Tucker went through this chewing stage we were in California and unfortunately working the same hours. After we tried trusting him the full run of the house, we ended up giving him a room only. In that room full of chew toys he still would find stuff to chew that he shouldn’t have. One that stands out is the cable TV wire. What he really like doing the most and maybe it was a game to him was to destroy his sleeping bed. Every day I would come home re-stuff and sew the bed for the next day. I liked the game.

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