Dog Whining

Dog Whining

Why is My Dog Whining?

All dogs whine, at some point or another. It is normal dog behavior, and one of the only means they have to communicate with humans. Since your pup cannot speak to you. And tell you what is wrong with him, he will likely result to barking and whining. Whining can signify a wide array of puppy problems. This could include anything from being bored to being in serious pain and discomfort. While it can be hard to figure out exactly what it is your pet needs from you. It can often be narrowed down to a couple of plausible explanations. Continue reading to figure out why your pup may be whining so much and what you can do to stop him.

Why Whining

Whining is usually meant as a means of communication. If you haven’t let your dog outside recently, he may be trying to tell you he needs to relieve himself. Dogs need to be let out on a regular basis. If he hasn’t been let out, he may be uncomfortable and trying not to have an accident inside the house. Try letting him outside, and if that does not stop the whining, your dog may be bored. When dogs become bored they are more likely to engage in less than desirable behavior. Like barking, whining and chewing in order to entertain themselves.


Since dogs mainly use whining as a means of communication with humans. Your dog whining may be trying to tell you that something is wrong with him. It can be very difficult to tell when your dog is sick. As they generally do not exhibit many symptoms of uncomfortableness. In the wild, showing signs of weakness or discomfort would likely result in your pup being attacked by a predator. So, he will naturally try and hide any signs of sickness. Be sure to take your pup to the vet if his whining is accompanied by other signs of illness. Such as lack of energy or loss of appetite.

Attention and Love

Dogs need lots of human attention and love. If you have not been spending much time with your pup that could be the cause of his whining. He may be trying to get your attention. If you have responded to his whining in the past, he may use that as a way to interact with you. If you think he may be whining just to get your attention, try ignoring him. By ignoring your dog when he starts to whine you clearly show him that whining is not an effective way to get your attention. Even if you are just telling your dog to quiet down when he starts whining you may be unconsciously reinforcing this bad behavior.


To try and decrease your dog’s whining habits, start by making sure he is well exercised and entertained. Taking your pup for a couple of walks a day will ensure that he is able to empty his bladder outside and that he is entertained. If your pup appears to be suffering from boredom, try getting him some toys that entertain him for more than ten minutes. A well exercised and mentally stimulated pup will be much less likely to engage in unnecessary whining and other behavioral problems.

Some Up

Constant whining that is not due to discomfort or a medical issue is easy to train out of your dog. Dogs respond very well to positive reinforcement. So if you reward him for not whining, and teach him a hush command. He may likely grow out of this irritating behavior. Like all training techniques, lots of patience and positive reinforcement will do wonders for stopping your dog’s whining problem.

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