Dog Peeing in House

Dog Peeing in House

Why is My Dog Suddenly Peeing in the House?

Even if your dog is already house trained it is normal for him to have a couple of accidents inside the house throughout his life. What is not normal is for a house trained dog to suddenly and frequently begin having indoor accidents. While sometimes this can be as simple as a little over excitement, it can also be a symptom of a much larger problem. If your dog begins to have more accidents than usual, it is important to stay calm and not punish him. Try and figure out what the root cause of this issue could be, and provide him with the help he needs. Keep reading to learn about possible reasons why your dog is peeing in the house.

Old Age

If you have an older dog, more accidents in the house is likely just a sign of old age. As dogs age they may have trouble controlling their bladders, which would lead to frequent house accidents. In this situation you will just have to be more patient and understanding with your pup. Try letting him outside to do his business more frequently. If your dog is not aging, this could be a symptom of a medical issue such as a bladder infection. Be sure to take your pup to the vet to get checked out. If your dog is already taking medication, incontinence could be a side effect. Unfortunately, this is a common possible side effect for many different medications. Talk to your vet about what your options are in this situation.


Dogs are very territorial animals, and frequent urination in the house could be a sign that your pup is trying to mark his territory. This is normal dog behavior, and is especially common in male dogs. Stress can also be a trigger for indoor accidents. Dogs are very sensitive, and the loss of a family member, or major changes within the home may cause your dog to become stressed. Just like stress can cause accidents, excitement can also cause dogs to loose control. If your pup is only having accidents at high excitement times, such as the arrival of visitors or playtime. It is very likely that this new behavior is excitement induced. To avoid this type of accident, try and keep your pup as relaxed and mellow as possible when he is inside the house.

Personal Behavior

While it is very likely that your dog’s recent indoor accidents are due to some trigger that is personal to him. You should also examine your own behavior. If you have not been letting your pup out as much as he is used to, or should be for his age. It is possible that he just cannot control himself for that long. Be sure to let him out to do his business at regular times, and get a good feeling for how long he is able to control his bladder. If your dog is having accidents after recently being trained, it is possible that he was not trained properly. In this case he may not even understand that he is supposed to be doing his business outside. While house training is usually a quick process, every dog is different and learns at a different pace.

Bottom Line

Accidents inside the house are understandably very frustrating. But it is important for you to keep calm, and not punish your pup. Getting angry and punishing him will likely be counter productive, and may result in confusing him. Or even damaging his trust in you. After you have ruled out any medical or psychological issues for your dogs new and upsetting behavior. The answer to stopping it may come down to re-house training him. With patience and understanding this should be a quick and painless process for both of you.

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