Punish Dog for Peeing in the House

Punish Dog for Peeing in the House

Why I Shouldn’t Punish Dog for Peeing in the House.

New Puppy

The first weeks and months with a new puppy are an exciting and joy-filled time in your life! Taking your new pup to the park, teaching him how to perform tricks, and those sweet puppy cuddles. Are all part of the wonderful new world of dog ownership. One part of being a new dog owner that isn’t very fun is having to clean up the occasional inside accident.

No matter how much time you spend training your puppy. Or how well behaved he his, it is almost impossible to avoid a couple of dog accidents in the house. While this is a very frustrating experience. You may be tempted to punish your dog for peeing in the house. It is very important that you do not do so. Punishing your new pup for peeing in the house can seriously damage your relationship with him. And it won’t benefit either of you.

Bladder Control

When your new puppy has an accident in the house, keep in mind that he still doesn’t have full control of his bladder. On average, a puppy should be able to control his bladder one hour for every month old he his. This means that a three month old puppy will probably only be able to control his bladder for three hours. A a younger pup for even less time.

It is important to remember this when you are leaving your puppy home. If you leave a two month puppy home alone for five hours, he will most likely pee in the house. It doesn’t make sense to punish a puppy for something he has no control over. And as his owner it is your responsibility to be sure that this doesn’t happen. If your dog seems to be having a lot of accidents, take him to the vet to have an exam. It is possible that his accidents are due to a medical condition and not just bad behavior.


Unless you catch your dog in the middle of peeing in the house, punishing him will not help him understand that this behavior is unacceptable. If your pup has had an accident while you are away from home, he likely will not understand why he is being punished. This confuses your pet, and instead of stopping the indoor accidents, it could make him afraid of you. If your pup begins to associate your attention with punishment, he will not be interested in spending time with you. And this could lead to higher anxiety and more behavior problems.


Consistently punishing your dog for peeing in the house can have serious effects on your relationship with him. If he begins to feel nervous around you. Or associate your presence with being in trouble, the relationship between the two of you will disintegrate. Trust and security are very important in your relationship with your pup. And without them dog ownership is not much fun for either you or your pet.

Some Up

Accidents inside the house are understandably frustrating, but the reality is that punishing your pup for this doesn’t help anything. Instead of understanding that you do not want him to do his business inside, he will understand that he needs to be cautious and nervous around you. In place of punishing your dog, try positive training methods. Methods like taking him outside every hour and rewarding him for relieving himself outside. Studies have shown that dogs are much more responsive to positive feedback. And encouragement than they are to punishment and harsh treatment. Teaching your dog to do his business outside in a positive and encouraging way can even be a bonding. The trust building time between the two of you, will definitely result in a better relationship and happier pup.

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