Australian Shepherd Training

Australian Shepherd Training

Hello! This picture is our Australian Shepherd, Tucker, A.K.A. “Mr. T”. He is 9 years old and lives in Florida. He has been with my wife and I since he was 4 months old. We trained him ourselves from researching the internet, reading books and asking around for advice.

Tucker is included in all of our life’s adventures. He’s road tripped to California and back. The trip out took us over a month, hiking and camping along the way. While in California he experienced snow, and hiked the many mountain trails. Tucker has also traveled up the east coast multiple times, and taken extended vacations in the north Georgia mountains. He is our constant companion, and frequently joins us at work kayaking, commercial fishing or acting as car security on our many daily errands. One of his favorite activities is boating to uninhabited islands, where he loves to roll in the sand and play fetch with a dog toy.

Tucker is a wonderful dog, and has enriched our lives enormously. The key to his complete incorporation into our lifestyle, has certainly come from proper Australian Shepherd training.

Training Australian Shepherds is quite fun, and not much different than training most other breeds of dogs – the difference lies in their personality. Australian Shepherds are loyal, focused, energetic, extremely smart and learn very quickly.

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