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Welcome to a Do It Yourself dog training guide. This is not just another dog training website. The good dog training advice here is from a self-proclaimed dog expert, his wife and their mutt savvy friends. Whether you’re having behavior or barking problems, need to house train a puppy, dog obedience training or just want health and food related tips, is loaded with all free information.

Together we have over 200 years of experience (10 of us times 20 years with dogs and puppies). Seriously, though, we have raised dogs from puppies, rescued them from shelters and even, after the proper process, adopted them from the streets. We live passionately for our dogs, and try to give them the best life possible. We feel every dog and human deserves this lifestyle.

Our combined experiences, stories and training tips are written into easy to read articles and how-to guides intended to help you have a healthy, happy and obedient, “Savvy Mutt”.
Also included in the articles are anecdotes of my wife and I’s personal experience training our Australian Shepherd, Tucker.

Are you having dog behavior problems you’ll want to download our free eBook, “How to be the Alpha Dog and Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems” right away.

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